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Weekly Pool Maintenance

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Our Pool Care Technicians will come to your home once a week. Dependent of the level of service the customer selects, during each visit the SDP pool technician may:

  • Check water chemistry
  • Add appropriate amount/type of pool chemicals
  • Vacuum & Brush
  • Empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and net the pool
  • Backwashes or cleans filter as needed

Maintenance Programs

We offer (3) maintenance programs. Choose from the following to keep your pool sparkling:

  1. SDP Chemicals and Cleaning: Technician supplies all chemicals, as needed and you are *billed monthly *Billing occurs at the beginning of the month for the previous month's chemicals and maintenance visits
  2. Your Chemicals and Cleaning: You purchase the chemicals via our *online store & the technician will bring them, apply them, and leave the remaining unused chemicals at your residence. *If chemicals are purchased elsewhere, we are unable to offer a Guarantee (for example, if the pool turns green between service visits and the tech needs to return, there will be an additional fee)
  3. Chemical Check: Our technician will come by, check the chemistry of the water, apply chemicals as needed. There is no cleaning with this service.